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Reindeer For Sale

We bottle feed all our calves to ensure a very friendly, calm reindeer. Our reindeer calves spend anywhere from 2 weeks to a month in the house around the family to help ensure the calm, friendly nature that we strive for. Our reindeer are taken into public settings when very young to help with their training process. If you are interested in bottle feeding your own calf, they are available at approx 1 month old. We provide the formula and a feeding schedule, and all the support that you need. Or, our calves are available at weaning which is around 4 months of age. At this point they are usually walking well on a lead rope, know their name, and will come when called.   


Please contact us for group pricing or more information .


Currently sold out but taking information for 2015 calves

We are also available to help with health questions, facility designs, etc...

Please send us an email or give us a call to discuss pricing and regulations for Reindeer Sales.

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